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Migrating to V4

In version 4 of Stratos there are breaking customization changes from previous versions. These changes allow a much improved approach to extensions by opening the door to npm style plugins.

Prominent changes include

  • custom-src has been removed along with the symlink approach of including files. Custom code is now added as npm packages in src/frontend/packages. Modules and routes are now exposed in a more standard package way. More info here. Some existing components will not be included in some production style builds without also declaring them to the extension service, see usages of ExtensionService.declare.
  • Material Design theming approach has been expanded to include many common colors, this removes the need to apply custom styles in a lot of cases. More info here.
  • Dark theme is applied in a different way. More info here.
  • Image assets are replaced in a different way. More info here.
  • Custom component can now be themed, so theme colors can be accessed from within and applied. More info here.
  • A new 'loading' indicator has been added that you may wish to customize, more info here.

Basic Migration Steps

To aid in migrating we've provided these instructions.

  1. Before updating to the latest code...
    • Run npm run customize-reset to remove all previously created sym links.
    • Read through the customization documentation below to get a better understanding of the new process.
  2. Update your codebase with the desired v4 code.
  3. Run npm install (only required first time, this will ensure you have the required version of Angular and the new devkit is built).
  4. Change directory to ./build/tools/v4-migration and run the migration script ./
    • This will copy your customizations from custom-src to a new Angular package src/frontend/packages/custom_extensions.
  5. Check that the new package exports your custom module and if applicable your custom-routing module.
    • The migrate script should do this in src/frontend/packages/custom_extensions/src/public-api.ts.
  6. Check that your ts config file defines the public api file.
    • src/tsconfig.json file's compilerOptions/paths section should contain something like "@custom/extensions": ["frontend/packages/custom_extensions/src/public-api.ts"].
  7. Check that your new package's package.json defines your custom module and if applicable custom-routing module.
    • See src/frontend/packages/suse-extensions/package.json file's stratos section.
    • Note your routingModule entry label should not have a preceding _.
  8. Build Stratos in your usual way, for instance npm run build.
    • It could be that this fails due to TypeScript import issues, if so go through these and fix.
    • During build time the custom packages will be discovered and output, see section starting Building with these extensions. These should contain the modules your require.
  9. Run Stratos your usual way. Ensure you can navigate to all your custom parts.
  10. Once you are happy everything works as intended remove the old ./custom-src directory and commit you changes.

Further Guidance

Our ACME demo (src/frontend/packages/example-extensions and src/frontend/packages/example-theme) and SUSE repo (theme and extensions) have both been updated and are fully compatible with the 4.0 changes. Both are a good source for examples.

If there any questions or issues please reach out to us either on our Github repo or Slack room #stratos.