Version: 4.4.0


Stratos is an Open Source Web-based UI for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

For Cloud Foundry, it allows users and administrators to both manage applications running in the Cloud Foundry cluster and perform cluster management tasks.

For Kubernetes, it provides Developers with views of their Kubernetes resources, the ability to view and deploy Helm Charts and view Workloads.

Stratos Application view

Quick Start

To get started quickly, we recommend following the steps to deploy the Stratos Console as a Cloud Foundry Application - see here.

If you have docker installed, you can quickly deploy Stratos using the all-in-one container:

$ docker run -p 5443:5443 splatform/stratos:stable

Once that has finished, you can then access Stratos by visiting https://localhost:5443.

Deploying Stratos

Stratos can be deployed in the following environments:

  1. Cloud Foundry, as an application. See guide
  2. Kubernetes, using a Helm chart. See guide
  3. Docker, single container deploying all components. See guide


Please see our Troubleshooting page.

Further Reading

Get an Overview of Stratos, its components and the different ways in which it can be deployed.

Browse through features and issues in the project's issues page.

What kind of code is in Stratos? We've integrated Code Climate for some code quality and maintainability metrics. Take a stroll around the project page


We very much welcome developers who would like to get involved and contribute to the development of the Stratos project. Please refer to the Contributing guide for more information.

For information to help getting started with development, please read the Developer's Guide.

Support and feedback

We have a channel (#stratos) on the Cloud Foundy Slack where you can ask questions, get support or give us feedback. We'd love to hear from you if you are using Stratos.

You can join the Cloud Foundry Slack here - - and then join the #stratos channel.


The work done has been licensed under Apache License 2.0. The license file can be found here.