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Configuring User Endpoints

Stratos provides a way for users to create endpoints without the need to be an administrator.

Note: Admin endpoint-ID's are generated through a SHA-1 encryption of the URL. Personal endpoints will differ in their ID, by using the URL + user-ID for encryption. This should pose no problem in the usual Stratos workflow, but if you depend on the ID to be based solely on the URL, then use this feature with caution.

Set up

In order to enable User Endpoints support in Stratos:

  1. The environment variable USER_ENDPOINTS_ENABLED or helm chart value console.userEndpointsEnabled must be set
  2. The UAA client used by Stratos needs an additional scope stratos.endpointadmin
  3. Users need to have the stratos.endpointadmin group attached to them

Once all steps have been completed, user within the stratos.endpointadmin group are allowed to create personal user endpoints. Endpoints created that way are only visible to their respective user and all admins. Admins will be able to create personal user endpoints after step 1 has been completed.

Environment variable

USER_ENDPOINTS_ENABLED or helm chart value console.userEndpointsEnabled can be set to three different states:

  1. disabled (default) will disable this feature. Neither admins nor users will see user endpoints.
  2. admin_only will hide user endpoints from users. Admins can create and see all user endpoints.
  3. enabled will allow users within the stratos.endpointadmin group and admins to create personal user endpoints. These endpoints will only be visible to them or admins.

Adding scopes to the UAA client

To add the scope to a client, modify the following UAA CLI command:

uaac client update CLIENT_NAME --scope "OTHER_SCOPES stratos.endpointadmin"

Replace CLIENT_NAME with the used client and OTHER_SCOPES with the current configured scopes.

To add the group and add users to it, use:

uaac group add stratos.endpointadmin
uaac member add stratos.endpointadmin USER_NAME