Version: 4.4.0

Stratos Metrics Endpoints

Stratos Metrics is a Prometheus instance drawing in metrics via Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes exporters.

Adding a Stratos Metrics Endpoint will provide

  1. Application and diego cell metrics (via the CF firehose exporter)
  2. Kubernetes node and pod metrics (via the kube state metrics exporter)


Information on installing Stratos Metrics to Kubernetes with Helm can be found here.

Registering a Metrics Endpoint

Stratos Administrator's can register endpoints via the Endpoints page.

All that's needed is the url for the metrics nginx service, as well as a friendly name to identify the endpoint in Stratos

Connecting a Metrics Endpoint

The username and password of the metrics instance is required. An administrator can connect and share these credentials with all other users via Share this endpoint connection